About Me


I am the founder of Patricia Jauk Graphic Design.

I believe that in order to compete in business you have to have a professional, polished design. This means you need a logo that comes from “within”— an illustration that reflects your business’s identity and values. As a graphic and web designer, I work with clients to patiently bring their vision to life. I also manage content on various social media platforms.

So, what can I do for you? In my point of view you every business deserves a corporate design that reflects its identity and values perfectly – and here’s where I come into the game. I gladly offer you the following services:


– Corporate Design
– Logo Design, Logo Redesign
– Print Media
– Illustrations
– Infographics
– UI Design


– Web Development
– Website Design
– Website Concepts
– Website Relaunch
– Web Accessibility
– User Experience Design


– Social Media Optimization
– Corporate Identity & Development of Design Concepts
– Marketing Consultation

Please contact me anytime or give me a call +43 664 39 62 917 if you are interested in working with me.