I am founder of Patricia Jauk Media.

I believe that in order to compete in business you have to have a professional, polished design. This means you need a logo that comes from “within”— an illustration that reflects your business’s identity and values. As a graphic and web designer, I work with clients to patiently bring their vision to life. I also manage content on various social media platforms.

I partner with One Red Pen to market and brand international businesses. Combined, we provide services in Spanish, German, French, and English. We work with international businesses to bridge cultural and language gaps with marketing.

So, what can I do for you? In my point of view you every business deserves a corporate design that reflects its identity and values perfectly – and here’s where I come into the game. I gladly offer you the following services:


– Corporate Design
– Logo Design, Logo Redesign
– Print Media
– Illustrations
– Infographics
– UI Design


– Webdesign
– Website Concepts
– Website Relaunch


– Social Media Optimization
– Corporate Identity & Development of Design Concepts
– Marketing Consultation

Please contact me anytime or give me a call 43 664 39 62 917 if you are interested in working with me.